Acuvue Define ~ Color Enhancing Contact Lenses

A brand new beauty category by Acuvue! Enhance The Natural Beauty of Your Eyes with Acuve Define! One day color enhancing contact lenses unique design helps wearers’ eyes look brighter and more radiant  Call us to schedule an appointment today!

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Keratonic Contact Lens Fitting

Keratoconus, is a progressive disease whereby the cornea becomes very irregular in shape. Photo credit to "Contact Lens Spectrum 2013" With this type of unusual corneal shape, eyeglasses and soft contact lenses don’t fully correct a patients vision optimally. Our highly skilled and experienced Optometrists can properly fit patients for a custom-made lens [...]

Keratonic Contact Lens Fitting2017-02-05T21:31:36+00:00

New Innovative Prosthetic Service

Changing Lives One Set Of Lenses At A Time! Patients and their doctors are learning, just how much prosthetic lenses can impact a person’s life. In the hands of a qualified and skilled Optometrist (OD), these specialty contact lenses provide dramatic improvement to persons appearance.Due to an injury, disease or hereditary factor, a patient’s eye [...]

New Innovative Prosthetic Service2017-02-05T21:31:36+00:00
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